Website Graders, Evals, Analytics – List

Kristi Marie Gott - Help for WebsObjective Website Evaluation and Grading Resources 

Photo of two people using laptops and a larger monitor screen with a circle graph on it to illustrate using data and statistics to evaluate.

Check for Errors With Data From these Sites.

Get objective stats for your site and social media from these website evaluators and graders.  Use them as a guide for making decisions.

Design and function for websites, graphics, social media, article writing, seo, marketing and so on are objectively evaluated using many types of software.

The software crawls the website or other pages of your online presence and gives objective scores.  It often provides instructions for how to fix or improve things.

Everything from the content, colors and design, functionality, search engine optimization, social media and more can be evaluated with scores. 

Quality and Value for the Website Visitor Are Priorities

1.  Evaluate your online work and website from the standpoint of these questions.

Is it easy to read without straining?

Is it easy to navigate and find things?

Is it clean looking and uncluttered so visitors focus on what is important?

Does it provide quality and value for the visitors?

Is it set up so the call-to-action items are going to convert visitors into subscribers or customers?

Checklist of Software That Evaluates the Website So You Get the Objective Stats as a Guide for Upgrading Your Site

The list below shows popular software for evaluating the many aspects of your online marketing.

1. Hubspot Marketing Grader – Scores and Gives Directions for Improving Site and Marketing – Looks at Blog, Social Media, SEO and more.

2. – Design, Colors, Contrast, Errors, Readability, Functionality.  Crawls the site and shows a variety of errors including readability errors due to lack of contrast and more.

3. – Tests website speed and offers specific stats so you can tell what issues to address to speed up the website.

4. – Another excellent website speed test with graders, scores and analytics to tell you how to improve the site. 

5. Google Analytics – A necessity for evaluating hundreds or thousands of aspects of your website.  You can focus on the graphs that are most important for whichever project on the site you are working with at the time.  There is a broad overview with the basic important stats too.  Using these stats is a critical part of designing the site to function well.

6. Google Webmaster Tools – Lists errors, queries and your site rank for the keywords, backlinks and hundreds of other scores.  Check the queries, which are the keywords people use to find your site and see how your site ranks for the keyword.  Many other necessary stats.

7. Facebook Insight Analytics – Lists stats for Overview, Visits, Likes, Posts, People, Organic, Paid and more.  Includes Facebook Ads analytics and analytics on each individual piece of content uploaded.  Check under Insight and under Notifications on your Facebook dashboard.

8. Twitter Notifications – Includes mentions, favorited tweets.  Twitter also includes numbers of followers, following and more.

9. Youtube Analytics – Extensive analytics for each video and for the whole channel are available under Analytics. Includes views for each video, engagement, shares to social media, likes, where viewed, audience stats and more.

10. Wordstream – Grades your Google Adwords account and offers suggestions.

11. – The Yoast seo plugin for wp gives grading, scores and directions for improvement on each piece of content you add to your wp site. It is the pillar of seo for blogs and websites using WordPress.  Yoast is the internet’s authority on the art and science of website optimization and internet marketing.

12. – Evaluates a long list of website characteristics.  For example, it not only evaluates the site for duplicate content for also for common content and unique content.

13. – Grades the site for mobile responsiveness.  Google now evaluates your websites ability to respond to mobile devices and display on them as part of the search engine ranking.

14.  Another Quality recommendation for websites is to have the SSL Certificate .  This means an added layer of security provides encryption and there is additional validation of the website, domain and owner.  Having the SSL Certificate for your website has been verified by Google as being part of the ranking score.  A site with the https:// and the lock icon will have a slight edge of over one without.

15.  While not a specific software the 200 objective items that Google uses to rank your website can be found

16.  Another important checklist and web authority on websites, seo and marketing is the Moz Blog.   For top, well respected, white hat ethical techniques follow the directions from Moz.

17. – one of the top, well respected internet authorities.  Provides a variety of useful stats on your website.  You can also enter in your competitiors’ sites and get stats on them too. 

Opinions Versus Objective Measurement – Consider Both in Designing a Site

Often we all ask friends or family for opinions and then make changes to please them.  These subjective opinions can be useful but objective measurement with software checkers and Google recommended steps are important.

Personal choices are important from the standpoint of making choices that are compatible with our values and preferences. The trick is to find a way to combine those personal preferances with meeting the objective points needed to do well on the internet.

As the list above shows, everything from the colors and contrasts on the homepage to the ads, social media, videos and more are evaluated with scores by online crawlers.

Using the software to do evals of your online presence gives you a chance to see the site as the crawlers see it and make changes that will make the site successful with people and with search engines.

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Internet Marketing Trends 2015 for Your Success

 “Mobile First” and Multimedia Reflected in 2015 Internet Marketing Trends

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Mobile visits have now overtaken desktop visits on the internet.  Time spent using mobile apps has overtaken time spent using internet browsers.

Customers are viewing the internet on pocket sized 4.5″ x 2.3″ or so sized screens that use the internet and apps. 

This means testing all functions and designs first on a mobile phone with desktop use taking second priority. 

Site photos and graphic design need to be easy to see and read on a smartphone with a screen that may be 4.5″ tall by 2.3″ wide.  

Gone are the days when most website visitors were viewing your site from a large television sized desktop monitor or even a laptop screen. 

People check their email on the go by getting their smartphone out of their pocket and hitting the app button that takes them straight to their email. Graphics and leaflets in the email messages need to be designed for this type of viewing.

Read on for an in depth look at the changes happening this year.   Technical aspects, search engine optimization and visual design are all adapting to big changes this year.  

The internet is continuing to grow into another wave of change. 

New Strategies for Getting Found Online and for Promoting a Brand

Internet Marketing Trends 2015 show the importance of adapting new strategies and customization to suit the mobile customers.   There are some big shifts in the manner in which companies are searched and found online.  

Brand Differentiation Through Storytelling Is a Big Trend

Differentiating a brand is becoming more important than ever as competition rises.  New ways of branding include storytelling to include a compelling narrative about the company’s background that attracts customers.  

Big Changes in the Apps and Search World Are Part of the 2015 Trends

Numbers show a big shift toward using mobile apps over using internet browser search for user visits from smartphones and tablets.  This is important for businesses who rely on search engine organic rank or adwords ads.  

Statistics show mobile users are now spending more of their time on using apps than on using the internet.  

Quality Content and Mobile Responsiveness Are Important Parts of Google’s Evaluation of Sites for Ranking

Google Analytics shows the ratings for your website in terms of mobile friendliness.  Starting Spring 2015 Google will include your website’s mobile responsiveness score in the formula for ranking your website in the search engine results. 

Quality Content that is original and provides value is more important to Google than ever.  The search crawlers can read for meaning and evaluate your content.

 Google is always seeking fresh, new, original content and rewarding it with better ranking scores.  

Facebook has its own formula that favors fresh, new, quality content that adds value as well.  New changes in Facebook’s formula designed to weed out poor content, pushy advertising posts, photos with “memes,” and so on are changing the content that is sent from a profile or page to the news feeds.

New Ways of Accepting Mobile Payments Continue to Grow

In addition to Square and Paypal more new mobile payments are popping up.  Running a business by accepting credit card payments on the smartphone or tablet is becoming more common.

Security and Privacy Are Crucial for Protecting Customer Data

Methods of locking the phone, using thumbprints to access the phone or other personal security measures, high levels of encryption,  and security software continue to become more sophisticated to avoid hackers.  

The list below shows the new directions for 2015. 

Internet Marketing Defined:

  1. Selling Online
  2. Advertising Online
  3. High Search Engine Rank so users click to go to your website
  4. Traffic from a variety of sources to the Website in Order to Get Customers
  5. Copy writing to get web visitors to take action and do business.
  6. Quality Content to provide useful information for visitors and encourage their trust and relationship building.  It is also a main way to get the site ranked by search engines and to share content online in a viral way for publicity. 
  7. Payments online and on mobile devices
  8. Stores and businesses on websites with products or services

Mobile Use Numbers Point to Changes in Marketing

2015 Trends

  1. Mobile use numbers are rising and this has caused new directions for internet marketing strategies and trends.  Mobile visits are fast overtaking visits from desktops and laptops. 
  2.  Apps used time spent has now overtaken time spent using an internet browser.  Thus, the importance of having an app for your business is growing. 
  3.  Desktop or laptop searches are becoming a smaller share of the search activities. 
  4.  Mobile searches are overtaking desktop searches.  This makes it more important than ever to have a website that is mobile friendly.  
  5. Google’s Mobile Responsive scoring system now in scoring your website or blog for its search engine rank. 
  6. Total internet presence is growing in importance.  This changes the approach of having just a website alone without other types of internet presence.  
  7.  Social media continues to grow in importance for businesses online.  As mentioned above, this is part of the total internet presence. 
  8. Google is focusing on the total picture and  considers your total internet presence not just your website.  
  9. Google Adwords Results are now competing with the Mobile Apps for search customers.  Adwords ads can be configured to send mobile users straight to the mobile app instead of the website. People download an app from a company in order to do something like search for rentals. 
  10. Google’s quality content scoring  grades content for adding value and this affects websites for search engine rank.  So it is more important than ever to include a blog with articles that provide quality content. 
  11. Quality Content is evaluated even more closely than ever with the newest Google search engine software, which is referred to as the “semantic” web because the focus is on reading meaning and not just on keywords.  
  12. Google software is reading the content on the sites for meaning, interpretation and associations at a higher level than before.  
  13. Using keywords or keyword phrases in the content is not enough for it to get ranked by Google.  This has been true for a long time.  Google searches and evaluates for the content to provide a benefit such as useful information.  
  14. Originality in content is more important than ever in Google’s evaluation of the site for search engine rank. 
  15. Facebook and Youtube account now for about half the internet’s traffic.  It is more important than ever to understand how to use Facebook and Youtube to market your business online.
  16. Email marketing grows as the trend toward nationalization and developing relationships becomes more important. 
  17. Getting visitors to the site and using social media to create a total online presence are both relying more than ever on high quality photos and graphics.  Research shows content with a photo is 40% more likely to get a click or action than just text. 
  18. Google Adwords has a number of new resources for the ads.  Call out extensions, along with site link extensions already present previously help make the ad look larger.  They are free and  they add more lines to it so it stands out.  It is best not to use the Google Adwords Express but to use the full featured, more labor intensive version to take advantage of the many resources.  Ads can send mobile visitors straight to the apps instead of the website. 
  19. Google Display Ads with an image do much better than with text only.  This emphasizes the importance of high quality marketing photos and graphics.
  20. Photos and graphics of high quality make content or ads more effective for getting action from the customers.
  21. Thin or poor quality content is getting weeded out and downgraded by the Google search engine software more and more.  To get your site’s links ranked high so it is seen and visited by customers you need top quality content. 
  22. Competition for high search rank gets tougher. 
  23. Mobile and wireless connections mean the site has to load fairly fast before customers get impatient and click away from it while waiting.  The many slow wireless connections are a challenge.  When people use faster cable connections at home it is not as much of a problem.   
  24. Clean, uncluttered, minimalist sites are a trend since they load fast and are easier to read on the smaller screens of smartphones. 
  25. Using email marketing to send quality content to subscribers that also has sales pitches, service offers and billing continues to grow. 

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