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Beginners can start with reading about website domains, hosting and set up.  More advanced?  Check out the tutorials for answers and ideas.

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 What is WordPress and Who uses WordPress?

WordPress Is a Flexible, Customizable Software Used for Websites, Blogs and Combinations of Both.  It Is Also Very Economical.

More than 50% of the top 100 sites in the world use WordPress .  From NASA to Ford Motor Company the businesses using WordPress are concrete proof of its quality. 

Notable users of WordPress include well known news organizations, Fortune 500 businesses,  political figures and celebrities.   Here are a few of them.

  1. New York Times
  2. Forbes
  3. Reuters
  4. CNN
  5. GM
  6. UPS
  7. Ebay
  8. Sony
  9. VW
  10. Katie Perry
  11. Jay-Z
  12. Mashable
  13. TechCrunch
  14. and many more. 

Who Created WordPress?

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little first introduced the earliest versions of  WordPress in 2003.  Matt attended the University of Houston before leaving in 2004 to work for CNET.  

In 2005 Matt left CNET to found Automattic, (yes, it is spelled with two t’s) the company behind WordPress as well as many other related companies.   He is also a successful musician, traveling the globe.  You can visit his website and see photos of his travels and read more about WordPress.

WordPress is Open Source.

Open source means the software is free.  There is no charge for the software.  It can be shared with everyone for free.

Anyone can modify the software and share that too.  They can also make custom changes to it and then market it.  It is like getting a recipe from someone, sharing it with others, perhaps changing it and even charging for it.

WordPress.com At wordpress.com there is a hosted version that provides free hosting.  But free hosting version does not have a custom domain and will have ads on your site.   There is a paid service at wordpress.com too where you get a custom domain and the ads are removed. The versions at wordpress.com have fewer customizations available than wordpress.org and most business sites use the wordpress.org version.

WordPress.org. There is a self-hosted version from wordpress.org. which has the most options for customizing and for ecommerce.  A domain will run about $10-$12 per year and web hosting (providing a place to store the files online) will run less than $10 a month.  This wordpress version has the most number of customizations available and is best for business needs and ecommerce.

What types of sites use WordPress?

All kinds of sites use WordPress. Traditional websites, blog sites, and combination sites can be created with wordpress.  Ecommerce sites, marketers, businesses, online stores use WordPress. People who want a mobile device friendly site use WordPress.  WordPress mobile responsive themes are built for easy viewing on both computers and mobile devices. 

Multisites use WordPress such as CNN blogs.

Sites that add or update information frequently use WordPress. Adding new content is easy in WordPress so sites that plan to update frequently use it.  The blog shows the most recently added articles.  The categories group the articles under topics to make it easy to look them up.  Some blogs are thousands of pages long and have been continually updated for many years. 

People who do not use code languages use WordPress. Menus and icons are used instead of code so people use it who want to create their own sites but who do not know how to write html, css and other code languages.  You use a text box similar to an email box to add the text, photos, videos and other content.  Click publish and your update is done.  

Web developers who write code use WordPress too.  With one click you can access the site code and rewrite the code or add to it.  WordPress developers can take a theme and customize the code.  

Marketers use WordPress because it has good search engine optimization.   It comes with seo built into it.  Plus the average person who does not write code can easily add plugins and other customizations to increase the seo.  Landing on the front page of search engine results is often easier with WordPress.  Search engines like sites that add new content regularly.  Since WordPress makes this easy to do it’s a favorite for those who seek top ranking with search engines. 

You can create a traditional business website or a  blog.  You can also create a combination site with both. 

Thousands of themes are available to meet an infinite number of needs from business to art and entertainment.

What does WordPress cost?

  • There are varieties of WordPress but the software itself is free. WordPress.com offers a hosting service with hosting for free too with a simpler, easier version of WordPress.  However it is less customizable and less suitable for online ecommerce than the WordPress.org verson
  • WordPress is open source software, free to all.
  • WordPress.com.Many people start with WordPress.com to take a look at the dashboard and learn the basics with a simplest version.  To have a  custom domain of your own and a site without ads on it you can pay a fee for an upgrade.  There are also various premium upgrades at WordPress.com.
  • WordPress.org. For a more complex but more customizable version that can be used for ecommerce and online selling you can use the WordPress.org version.  You will need to sign up for an account with a web host but it usually runs less than $10 per month for the hosting.  The domain will run about $10-$12 a year.  With the self-hosted, WordPress.org version you will need to get a spam blocker for the comments areas for $5 a month. The software is free.

What equipment do I need and how much will it cost?

  • There is no need to spend a lot of money or run up debts.  You can do this very economically.  You do not need to buy the more expensive computers to find one that can do what is needed.  The lower priced computers, especially during sales, provide affordable equipment to do what you need.

Why do people use WordPress?

  1. WordPress uses icons and menus similar to the text boxes in emails.  You don’t need to know how to write or understand code to use it.
  2. Mobile Responsive WordPress themes work on both computers and small screen smartphones.  WordPress will detect the device used by the visitor and automatically reformat for easiest viewing.  For example, on the small screen of a smartphone WordPress reformats so the labels in the horizontal menu bar are listed vertically so the user will not need to scroll sideways to see them.  The content is also reformatted into one long column.  The user can just scroll down instead of having to scroll sideways too.  Studies show people using small screens do not like to scroll sideways and find that view to be confusing as well.
  3. WordPress has great search engine optimization built into it.  Whether you are creating a site for local search or for global searches WordPress helps you get to the top of the front page of the search engine results.  You can add additional search engine optimization with plugins and other customizations.  Search engines like sites that add or update information frequently and WordPress makes it easy to do this.
  4. You can create a traditional looking website homepage with a blog for a combination site, or create either a static site or a blog.
  5. It’s cost effective,  flexible and easy to customize with different designs, features and functions.  Other than $10 or so a year for a domain, less than $10 for a web host, and $5 for a spam blocker you can get almost everything else for free.
  6. Since you can update it or change it yourself you don’t need to pay a web developer to write new code or make changes and updates.  Huge savings.
  7. Thousands of functions and features can be added to your site, almost all for free, by just clicking.  Whether you want to add a gallery of art, a paypal store button, or a musical podcast   there is a widget or a plugin for it.
  8. Thousands of free and commercial premium themes are available to give your site the design look and feel that you wish.
  9. There is plenty of WordPress communitysupport when you need help.   WordPress.com provides free support and WordPress.org self hosted sites have an infinite number of help sites on the internet. Just type a question into the search engine box and see the results.
  10. Premium themes and add ons are available to add even more features and functionality.

How Do People Generate Income By Using WordPress?

  • WordPress developers offer a variety of services from design to coding.
  • Theme creators sell premium themes.
  • Plugin creators sell plugins and create custom plugins when needed.
  • Businesses profit from having an internet presence.
  • Content creators write copy, create videos and audio, write ebooks, and record screencasts.
  • WordPress hosting is another way people generate income.
  • WordPress site designers build websites and blogs.
  • WordPress tech support is another related field.
  • Membership sites and subscription sites also provide income.
  • WordPress ecommerce including selling online from a WordPress site.
  • WordPress book authors sell books and ebooks from their sites and from other book sellers.
  • WordPress Training in the form of online courses is offered.
  • Affiliate Marketers add links to companies in order to earn commissions.

How do mobile devices view WordPress?

  • WordPress themes created in recent times have built in mobile friendly features and are known as mobile responsive.  
  • The goal for a good easy viewing experience is to eliminate having to scroll sideways to see what is on the rest of the site that is not showing on the smartphone or small tablet.
  • Studies show people do not mind scrolling down when using a mobile device.  But scrolling sideways on a smartphone gives a confusing view of the site.
  • The sites using the responsive themes detect the device used by the visitor and automatically reformat to fit the screen for best viewing experience.
  • This means when they are viewed on the small screen of a smartphone the horizontal menu reformats into a vertical menu.
  •  The page content also rearranges into a single long column to fit the small smartphone screen. 
  • On a larger tablet the site formats itself also for best viewing.  

Where do you get WordPress software?

  • The free software is available in a variety of ways.  At WordPress.com you can simply click to start a site and a wizard walks you through the steps.
  • There are a few extra steps for a WordPress.org site but these are also quick and easy. For a self-hosted site you need to sign up with a domain registrar and buy a domain name for the site.
  • Then sign up with a web host.  There are a few steps to add the domain name to the host.  There is a one click installation for WordPress at the web host.

How do I get started?

  • If you have never seen a WordPress dashboard you can see one for free by watching videos on this site.  You can also go to the WordPress.com site and start a practice site to experiment and get some familiarity.
  • This is not necessary but sometimes new WordPress people may feel more relaxed with a little time to get to know WordPress slowly.
  • Go to a domain registrar and buy a name.  Then go to a web host and sign up for an account.  The directions and tutorials will tell you what to do next.  You can watch videos on this site under Set Up Site.  Call the free telephone support at the domain registrar or web host if you need live help to talk you through the steps. 

When do people use WordPress as a website and when do they use it as a blog?

  • There are a variety of combinations.
  • A static homepage on a traditional website is a good place to put information for visitors that will not change.  
  • The blog is where you can add new content in the form of blog posts regularly.  The most recent article posted will be at the top of the blog.
  • You can also create a “sticky post” which is a blog post that stays the same at the top while the rest of the blog updates.

Where do you get Help?

There are thousands of sites on the internet with free WordPress help.  Type your question into a search engine box and you will see all the results.  You can also type in WordPress and follow it with the words help, forum, how to, or other keywords related to your issue.

If you need help when you are installing WordPress you can call the free telephone help lines at the domain registrar or the web host.

If you go to a WordPress developers forum they will be talking about code.  But  you can search for beginners help if you do not use code.

Busiest Websites and What’s Popular from Alexa.com

Busiest Websites, Top Sites, and What’s Hot on the Internet -Alexa.com, The Web Information Company, is known as the Internet’s Authority.

Webmasters doing SEO strategy, Marketing and Ecommerce planning benefit from researching the busiest sites, top sites, and trending sites, pages and products.

With Alexa you can research your competitors stats and see how your website compares.  It offers site recommendations and customized seo. 

With the Alexa toolbar you can get free metrics on any site you visit from your browser. 

Alexa offers free help as well as paid services.  You can sign up and get certified with Alexa in order to access more of the features.  A Basic Plan starts at $9.99 a month for a site. 

In the upper right corner of the homepage screen it says “Browse Top Sites.”  If you enter one of the top internet sites, your competitor’s site or even your own site so you can get data about it.  

Alexa’s Blog explains data science for websites, strategies, site reviews and search engine optimization tips. 

Free Alexa Google Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension toolbar is available for free.  You can click to install it at the Alexa site.   When you visit any website on the internet it tells you the website’s Alexa traffic rank, related analytics and which search queries drive traffic to the site. 

Alexa provides some data you can get from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools but it also provides some unique data not available there, such as what site people visited before and after your site. 

Competitive Intelligence Toolkit

This provides a website overview, website comparisons, organic and paid keyword research and other features.

The data includes Global Traffic Rank,  Alexa Traffic Rank (if it has enough traffic so it is ranked by Alexa),  Bounce Rate, Daily Page Views Per Visitor and Daily Time on Site Per Visitor.   You can get audience demographics based on how similar your visitors are to the general internet population in terms of gender, education and browsing location.

Audience geography, visitors by country, percent and your website’s rank in the country are also provided.   You may need to sign up for a free trial and get certified in order to get this more detailed information. 


 Alexa also has a feature that tells where your visitors come from in terms of which keywords send traffic to this site.  It also tells what percent of traffic comes from the top keywords for the site and what percent comes from search engines. 

It also tells what sites people visited before visiting your site and what site they visited after leaving your site.   Alexa also provides a section for what sites are related to your site. 

You can go to Alexa.com to get the busiest sites and find out what is trending right now on the internet.

Top Sites

Busiest Websites on the internet are listed at Alexa.com under the Top Sites label in the menu across the top.  

Top Sites are divided into Global, By Country or By Category.  Under Category you will see a group of topics which also have subcategories.  This way you can drill down to a niche.

Google, Facebook and Youtube are steadily at the top globally.  Researching the categories and subcategories can be very useful.

Top sites in the subcategories can be researched and analyzed.  Often these sites have been on the internet for a longer time than their competition and they usually have a large number of pages.

News trends can cause a somewhat unknown site to suddenly have a spike in visitors.  On the day the screenshot below was made Facebook was in the news for a new search feature and it overtook Google.

Following trends is especially important to those interested in ecommerce and SEO.

Alexa.com Top Sites screenshot


What’s Hot Right Now on the Internet – Popular Pages, Hot Topics, Hot Pages, Hot Products

To see what is trending Right Now on the internet click the What’s Hot label in the menu across the top to see Hot Topics, Pages, and Products

On any given day the news of the day will cause a spike in some topics.  Looking at the Hot Topics, Pages and Products gives a total overview of what people are looking at on the internet in real time right now.

Evaluating demand and possible traffic for your seo strategy can help you create viral content.  Perhaps there is a sudden spike in a subcategory related to your niche.  You might create content that does a review, a comparison and contrast, or some other content that is related to the spiking traffic niche.

Following the internet’s most popular sites and the hot topics has been compared to taking the pulse of the internet.   What is new today might drop off and something else will be spiking on another day.

If you are in ecommerce and selling products such as books from your website you can write a review of a popular book that is spiking in popularity.  Or create content around a hot product that is trending which you offer for sale at your site.

 Alexa has products such as the “Alexa Toolbar” that you can install, plus the Alexa website audit and Search Engine Optimization Tips.


Website Traffic Generated by SEO – Trends

image internet traffic

 SEO Strategies and Concepts for Creating Website Traffic 

Advice for Newbies – Use “White Hat” Organic, Natural Techniques.  Watch Out for Scammers and Hyped Up Promises of Quick, Easy Traffic or Automatic Links.  

 SEO for Website Traffic, Tools, Resources, Training, and Terminology 

Quality content is king.  Meet your visitors needs with solutions for their issues.  

Original content that solves problems will spread in a viral manner. 

Search engines are very good at detecting duplicate content or  thin, poor content.  Keep the quality high for good search engine rankings. 

Organic, Local Traffic

 If you have a local services, information or products site you can go to Google My Business (formerly Google Places)  and list your site for free.  You will be automatically included in the Google Places results and map in the search engine results. 

Your site shows up in the list of local resources when people search by location and keyword.  There is a map with red ballons showing business locations next to the list of results when people search for a business within a certain location. 

Google Places for Home Business: If you work at home you can choose not to show up on the map but still be included in the local list online.  Google places provides room for you to describe your products or services, contact information, website link and so on. 

Visitor Traffic Tips List

  1. WordPress SEO- Add one of the top WordPress SEO plugins.  Check out either the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast or the All in One WordPress SEO plugin.  They start working out of the box, immediately upon activation.  They also supply invaluable guides for creating content that is optimized. 
  2. Solution Oriented Content: Visitors search for solutions to their problems and needs whether it’s facts, how to do something, or entertainment.  What do people need?  What problems are they solving?  What do they want?  Supply the answers and you have an audience for your website.  When you write your articles be sure to provide real quality and enough length so search engines believe it is a quality site not a spam site.
  3. Youtube Video Marketing: Video marketing on youtube is a top way to bring traffic (create videos for articles that are on the site, upload the videos to youtube and add a link to your site in the description under the video).  When you upload a video to youtube optimize it using the keywords in the title and description.  Write a long, thorough description to get the best ranking on youtube and in google (since videos show up in google searches).
  4. Social Media Marketing: Sharing content (website posts and pages and yotube videos)  on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ and other social media, spreads linka to your site in a viral manner.  Answering questions for free in online forums or bulletin boards related to your site’s subject is a great way to get targeted traffic.  People in the forums are searching for answers and they can click on the link to your website to get more information.   Inbound traffic from links in social media or from search traffic is targeted, high quality traffic.
  5. Content Marketing: Blogging is another top way to get traffic, since adding new content keeps visitors coming back and provides more material for the search engines and more links in the search engines and social media results to your site.  Create original content, avoid duplicate content (search engines don’t like to rank duplicate content) and most importantly create content that solves a problem for someone or meets a need or a want. That’s why they are searching – for answers.  If you have a standard website with a static homepage you can still easily add a blog with a useful articles to it. 
  6. Email Marketing:  Set up an email subscription so visitors can get each new blog post automatically sent to their email plus newsletters and other helpful material.
  7. Keyword Research:  Go to the free google keywords tool for starters and become familiar with what keywords people are searching for that are relevant to your site content.  Keyword stuffing has long been a way to get punished in the search engine rankings so be sure to avoid that.  Write in a natural way, not an artificial keyword stuffed manner. Researching keywords is a good way to see what solutions or needs people are searching for.  Then you can write an article and create a video to meet those needs. Try to find keywords that have a lot of searches but not much competition.  Use them when you optimize your youtube videos by writing a long, useful description.
  8. Google Places: List for free with google places whether you have a physical brick and mortar place of business or not.  This puts your site on the list when people search locally and if you do have a physical business site you can give google places the address and it will show up on the map that accompanies the list of local answers to the visitor’s search.  If you work from home you chance choose to not have the location show up on the map but a link to your website can still be listed.
  9. Install SEO Plugin: In your dashboard go to plugins and check the featured and popular plugins or search for an seo plugin.  There are a variety of good ones and you can look at their ratings and details to choose one.
  10. Offline Marketing: Use business cards, leaflets, flyers, free classes and presentations to market your site offline. 
  11. Links to Your Site: Links from quality, related sites to your site help to increase your site’s authority and improves search engine ranking.  If you are selling computer services then a link from a site providing a computer or software related service would be relevant.  A link from a low quality, low ranked, spam site would be the opposite of what helps search engine ranking.  In fact it can hurt it a lot. Beware of the many scams.
  12. Search Engine Ranking:  The search engines have a complex formula for comparing your site with others.  You are competing with the other sites in your subject area.  If you can narrow it down to a niche where there is a demand but not as much supply then you have a better chance of getting on the front page.  Surveys shows people usually click on one of the first three sites so if you are farther down the page or on the second page your site will get few if any clicks.  Each article that is a page or post on the site has it’s own distinct link.  If someone searches for the topic in that particular article then the search engine compares all the available results and puts the best ones at the top.
  13. Set the Permalinks for Good SEO: The permalink refers to the distinct link that goes with each individual page.  If you do not reset the permalink it results in one of those long garbled links that is not readable and does not mean anything to a search engine either. To let the search engines know what is in the article or post you can reset the link so it has the name of the website followed by the category and the title of the article posted.  So go to the Dashboard to Settings and under that to Permalinks.  Put a dot in the radio button for Custom Link and type of paste in the following: /%category%/%postname%/
  14. Sign up for free Google Webmaster Tools: The tools will provide a variety of resources that are invaluable.  Please see the video on this subject for more information and visit Google Webmaster Tools
  15. Sign up for free Google Analytics:  This will enable you to track the numbers of visitors, which content is most popular and a huge variety of other useful information that can guide in you as you continue to grow your website.
  16. Use a Mobile Device Responsive WordPress Theme: Smartphones and tablets sales are fast outpacing laptops and pc sales.  Use a WordPress theme that detects the mobile device that the visitor is using and that resizes and rearranges the website to suit the size of the screen.  WordPress Twenty Twelve, the official featured theme for 2012 was designed for “Mobile First.”  You can search under Themes for mobile responsive themes.
  17. Test Your Website on Mobile Devices and Different Screen Sizes:  You can go to Screenfly and it is free to enter your website, put a check mark in the box for “use proxy server to mimic devices” and test your site.  You will be able to see how the text, images and elements get rearranged when they are seen on a smartphone or tablet.  Even the different tablet and smartphone sizes are included.  This is important.  For instance, if your website is for something like a restaurant then it’s critical that it is easy to view on all kinds of smartphones.
  18. Get the SEO Facts Straight From Google Webmaster Help on Youtube: Google software engineers upload videos to answer questions from the public and you can search the list of videos or browse them.  The internet is full of misinformation and old information so if you subscribe to google’s youtube channel you will get the facts and you will be up to date.
  19. Hubspot Marketing Site Grader: Go to Hubspot for a free site grading with automatic suggestions for improving your site.   The site grade and report covers all aspects of your site, sales funnel, online optimization, social media optimization and more.
  20. Craigslist: Put a link to your website in the description when you list your services offered or products for sale on craigslist under the appropriate listing.  It’s free.  You can also include a link to a relevant youtube video from your channel showcasing your services or products. The goal is to create an internet presence that will help spread your website content in a viral fashion, perform well with the search engines, and encourage people to visit your website.

Your internet presence can start with a wordpress site, facebook account, facebook business page, youtube channel, twitter account and good quality, original content that makes people want to share it and link to it.  You can also participate in forums, especially in answering questions, to help bring traffic to your site.

If you are using affiliate marketing and/or selling online then getting targeted traffic to your site is critical for your business. An important word here is “targeted” because you need traffic from people who will be interested in your affiliate links or products.

Google Adwords Trends 2015

Google Adwords Trends 2015 in the Age of Mobile Devicessmart phone at nightIncreasing Competition for Keywords – Adwords Scoring Your Website for Mobile Responsive – Adwords Scoring Site Load Speed

It is a new world in the Adwords World this year.  There is more competition than ever for top Adwords spots on the searches.

 With smartphone user time now higher than desktop user time this creates a challenge as advertisers compete for top spots on the small smartphone screens.

 There is also competition between Adwords for websites and Adwords for Apps.  Wordstream and Hubspot statistics show time spent using apps on smartphones was higher than time spent using browsers to search the internet. 

Stay updated with the latest Adwords customizations to keep up with the changes and competition. 

Understanding How Google Adwords Works

It is important to understand the details about how Google Adwords works to see the significance of customizing the ads.  

How Adwords  Works – Bidding – Quality Score – Impressions – Ad Rank – Adwords Express – Enhanced Adwords 

It is important to be sure to understand how Adwords works in order to take advantage of customizing the ads for the best success and the lowest cost. 

Adwords Express Versus Enhanced Adwords 

Adwords Express is available for simpler advertising campaigns and is sometimes recommended for small local companies.  But Enhanced Adwords which has a greater number of customizations is recommended for more advanced types of campaigns.  Enhanced Adwords has extra tools for free to help you get the most success for your advertising at the best cost. 

Enhanced Adwords Offers Sitelinks and Extensions to Make the Ad Stand Out

A typical Adwords ad has a title on the first line, a link to your site below that, a line of information and a second line of information perhaps urging the reader to take action.

When Sitelinks and Extensions are used then the ad also has up to 4 additional specialized links below it that you add.  The links can go to pages on your website, apps and so on.  See below for more details.

Google’s instructions say that ads with sitelinks and extensions usually get a higher rank than ads without them if bid and Quality Score are otherwise equal.  

Additional links and text can appear below the ad when you use extensions.

Your ad will stand out and be larger due to the sitelinks and extensions plus it can be ranked higher on the page.  Google’s Adwords instructions say the Click Through Rate is generally higher if your ad has extensions.  

There is no guarantee of course but having the sitelinks and extensions increases your chance of getting the ad to the top. 

Enhanced Adwords offers extra features for free such as sitelinks and extensions.

A list of the manual extensions on Google’s instructions include sitelinks for Apps, Calls, Locations, Reviews, Sitelinks and Call-Outs. 


Sitelinks for the Adwords Ad

 The sitelinks are additional links that show below the top two lines of your ad.  

These links can be set up to jump to certain pages on the website.  Adding sitelinks creates a larger Adwords ad with more lines and more links.  Since it is easier to see it gets more clicks.  

Using sitelinks and extensions helps your ad to  look different and stand out next to the other ads. 

Typical sitelinks might go be for a call button, location or app download.  If someone clicks on one of these you are charged for the click. 

 Automated Adwords Extensions

Some of the automated extensions are described as automatic if your ad meets certain criteria.  This means Google automatically ads the extensions for you to the ad if the ad meets certain conditions. 

These can include Consumer Ratings, Previous Visits, Seller Ratings, Dynamic Sitelink Extensions and Social Extensions. 

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Someone types in or more more terms related to a subject.  This topic might be a product, service, information, question, entertainment subject or place that they are seeking. 

These terms can be one word or a whole phrase.  This is called the “keyword” or “keyword phrase.” 

All the advertisers who are advertising a product or service related to the words the searcher typed are in a group called a “pool.” 

Google Adwords Keyword Tool 

The advertisers have written ads in their Google Adwords accounts with the ads designed to show for certain keywords.  Advertisers can think of words a searcher might use to find their product or service.  They can also get keyword search statistics from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  

The Google Adwords Auction

When the searcher types the keywords into the Google Search Box  and hits Search or their Enter key Google does a quick calculation in a fraction of a second. 

Google checks information from the “pool” of advertisers who have said they will pay for a click from searchers who use those keywords. 

Google instantly checks the amounts the individual advertisers have said they will pay for a click.  This part is called the Auction and it happens instantly.  

Maximum Bids

In your Adwords account page there are places to enter the maximum you will bid for an ad.  Google checks this and increases the amount of your bid for you automatically up to that maximum to help your ad compete against the others.  If your ad is already competing successfully then the entire maximum bid may not be needed.  

Setting a Budget

Advertisers set a daily budget or monthy budget.  This means Google calculates how often to show the ad according to the budget.  If the ad is getting clicked often when it is shown so the budget is getting used up then Google starts showing the ad less frequently. 

This is where the advertiser has to decide how much to spend according to the return the advertiser is getting on the investment of paying for the clicks.  

Click Results For the Advertiser

The advertiser decides whether the cost of paying for the clicks for a particular ad is resulting in generating income from successfully obtaining customers and generating income.  Calculating the return on the investment helps the advertiser decide on how much to spend in the monthly budget. 

Relevance of the Ad and Its Link to the Search Keywords

It also checks the relevance of the Ad the advertiser has written to the search.  Also it checks the relevance of the site page on the advertisers’ sites to the keywords the searcher typed.  The loading speed of the advertiser’s page and some other things are used in this analysis also.

Placement of the Ads on the Page

This is how Google decides which ads show up and the order of the ads.  The ads are placed above the natural (organic) search results.  They also show up down the left side of a desktop or laptop screen and can show up at the bottom also.

Getting Into the Top Three Ads

The goal is to get in the top three ads if the user has a desktop or laptop since the side and bottom ads do not have good visibility and do not get as many clicks.

Ad Impressions Number Compared to Number of Clicks 


Google keeps track of the number of times the ad is displayed.  This is called an Impression.  The number of Impressions compared to the number of clicks on the Ad are part of the Ad’s “Quality Score.”

Click Through Rate – CTR

This refers to the number of times the ad has an Impression (is shown) compared to the number of times the ad is clicked. 

Quality Score of the Ad

As a history is formed for the Ad then the Quality Score can change.  

Quality Score is important because a higher Quality Score causes Google Adwords to charge you less cost per click on your ads.  

Ads with higher Quality Scores and higher maximum bids get shown at the top of the page.  Ads with lower Quality Scores need to make up the difference in the formula by bidding a higher amount if they want to show at the top of the page.

You can see how over time the Ads that are having a higher success rate for getting clicked have the cost going down.  Google rewards them.

The Ads that do not have a high Quality Score get placed on the side of the page or the bottom.  In those areas they may have lots of Impressions (times the ads shows) without getting many clicks so their total Quality Score keeps going down until the advertiser gives up on those.

In the Google Adwords screen you can check the Quality Score for each group of keywords and ads you have written.  

How Google Calculates Quality Score to Get Ad Rank

Google multiplies your maximum cost per click bid times the Quality Score to get your Ad Rank. 

You can see how a high Quality Score can then reduce the need for a high bid in the formula. 

When Ads Are Not Performing Well

The keywords that are not performing well can then be discontinued and more successful ads and keywords can be used.  

Google’s Adwords Formula – Amount Bid, Quality Score, Impressions Compared to Clicks

In summary, Google chooses the ad that appears at the top of the adwords according to a formula that includes the highest bid, the best Quality Score and the most relevant ad and landing page for the ad.   As your ad accumulates a history of Impressions and Clicks then the ratio of Clicks compared to the number of Impressions also becomes part of the Quality Score.

Keywords in High Demand Have More Advertisers Competing for Them and Are More Expensive

Sometimes there is a large group of advertisers all trying to get prospective customers to click an ad and do business with them after landing on their website. 

As in any market when there is high demand then the price goes up. 

So keywords for highly competitive markets with high demand are more expensive.  If your ad is in a smaller, local market without too many competitors then the price will not have been bid up too high. 

Return on Investment for High Priced Keywords for the Ads

Prices per click could be under a dollar or could be very expensive for just one click.  If the price of the expensive clicks justifies the expense because it is bringing in customers and generating income then advertisers can decide it is worth it. 

Google’s Description of a High Quality Ad

  • Relevant to the search query
  • Has accurate description of product or service
  • Ad is relevant to the landing page
  • Landing page provides good user experience because it loads quickly
  • Landing page has easy navigation for user to find what is wanted.  Navigation paths are short and easy.  
  • Advertiser’s website is “transparent” which means the site is trustworthy.  It has details about the business. 
  • Site interacts well with the user’s device.  This means if the user has a smartphone or tablet the site is mobile responsive so elements and menus reformat to fit the size of the device screen. 
  • Google analyzes how your site intends to use information that your site requests from the user. 

Enhanced Adwords Customizations

Dynamic Keyword Insertion means the ad is written in a generic way so Google is triggered to automatically insert exactly the keywords or phrase used by the searcher so it is a perfect match.  

Mobile Specific Adwords

You can choose to only show your ads on deskop/laptop devices.  Or you can show on both or only on mobile. 

You can enter mobile specific bid adjustments and write mobile preferred creatives (ads).  Analytics in the Adwords account provide stats so you can evaluate the results.  

Mobile Apps Trend for 2015

Adwords for your mobile apps are one of the newer trends.  

Statistics from Hubspot and Wordstream for Mobile Apps

Statistics for 2014 according to Hubspot and Wordstream show 80% of people carry a mobile device with them.  Over 61% of smartphone users do internet searches with their device. 

Time spent using Mobile Apps per week averages 8 hours a week.  Time spent using a mobile browser averages 7.5 hours a week. 


Internet Marketing Trends 2015 Highlights

internet marketing graphicInternet Marketing Trends 2015 Highlight Apps, Mobile, Brand Storytelling and More


New Strategies for Getting Found Online and for Promoting a Brand

Internet Marketing Trends 2015 show the importance of adapting new strategies and customization to suit the mobile customers.   There are some big shifts in the manner in which companies are searched and found online.  

Brand Differentiation Through Storytelling Is a Big Trend

Differentiating a brand is becoming more important than ever as competition rises.  New ways of branding include storytelling to include a compelling narrative about the company’s background that attracts customers.  

Big Changes in the Apps and Search World Are Part of the 2015 Trends

Numbers show a shift toward using apps over using internet browser search.  This is important for businesses who rely on search engine rank or adwords.

Quality Content, Social Signals and Mobile Responsiveness Are Important Parts of Google’s Evaluation of Sites for Ranking

Google Analytics shows the ratings for your website in terms of mobile friendliness and social signals.  Social media is becoming more important then ever as Google considers users sharing content from a site or being engaged by staying on a site for a long time as indications of the site’s quality and authority. 

New Ways of Accepting Mobile Payments Continue to Grow

In addition to Square and Paypal more new mobile payments are popping up.  Running a business by accepting credit card payments on the smartphone or tablet is becoming more common.

Security and Privacy Are Crucial for Protecting Customer Data

Methods of locking the phone, using thumbprints to access the phone or other personal security measures, high levels of encryption,  and security software continue to become more sophisticated to avoid hackers.  

The list below shows the new directions for 2015. 

Internet Marketing Defined:

  1. Selling Online
  2. Advertising Online
  3. High Search Engine Rank so users click to go to your website
  4. Traffic to the Website in Order to Get Customers
  5. Copy writing to get web visitors to take action and do business.
  6. Quality Content to provide useful information for visitors and encourage their trust and relationship building for business.  It is also a main way to get the site ranked by search engines and to share content online in a viral way for publicity. 
  7. Payments online and on mobile devices
  8. Stores and businesses on websites with products or services

Mobile Use Numbers Point to Changes in Marketing

2015 Trends

  1. Mobile use numbers are rising and this has caused new directions for internet marketing strategies and trends.  
  2.  Apps used time spent has now overtaken time spent using an internet browser.  Thus, the importance of having an app for your business is growing. 
  3.  Desktop or laptop searches are becoming a smaller share of the search activities. 
  4.  Mobile searches are overtaking desktop searches.  This makes it more important than ever to have a website that is mobile friendly.  
  5. Google includes a Mobile Responsive scoring system now in scoring your website or blog for its search engine rank. 
  6. Total internet presence is growing in importance.  This changes the approach of having just a website alone without other types of internet presence.  
  7.  Social media continues to grow in importance for businesses online.  As mentioned above, this is part of the total internet presence. 
  8. Google tracks “Social Signals” and includes them in scoring your website or blog for search engine ranking. 
  9. Google Adwords Results are now competing with the Mobile Apps for search customers.  People download an app from a company in order to do something like search for rentals. 
  10. Google is evaluating quality content in scoring websites for search engine rank.  So it is more important than ever to include a blog with articles that provide quality content. 
  11. Quality Content is evaluated even more closely than ever with the newest Google search engine software.  
  12. Google software is reading the content on the sites for meaning, interpretation and associations at a higher level than before.  
  13. Differences in using keywords or keyword phrases in the content is not enough for it to get ranked by Google.  This has been true for a long time.  Google searches and evaluates for the content to provide a benefit such as useful information.  
  14. Originality in content is more important than ever in Google’s evaluation of the site for search engine rank. 
  15. Facebook and Youtube account now for about half the internet’s traffic.  It is more important than ever to understand how to use Facebook and Youtube to market your business online.
  16. Email marketing grows as the trend toward nationalization and developing relationships becomes more important. 
  17. Getting visitors to the site and using social media to create a total online presence are both relying more than ever on high quality photos and graphics.  Research shows content with a photo is 40% more likely to get a click or action than just text. 
  18. Google Adwords has a number of new resources for the ads.  Call out extensions, along with site link extensions already present previously help make the ad look larger.  They are free and  they add more lines to it so it stands out.  It is best not to use the Google Adwords Express but to use the full featured, more labor intensive version to take advantage of the many resources. 
  19. Google Display Ads with an image do much better than with text only.  This emphasizes the importance of high quality marketing photos and graphics.
  20. Photos and graphics of high quality make content or ads more effective for getting action from the customers.
  21. Thin or poor quality content is getting weeded out and downgraded by the Google search engine software more and more.  To get your site’s links ranked high so it is seen and visited by customers you need top quality content. 
  22. Competition for high search rank gets tougher. 
  23. Mobile and wireless connections mean the site has to load fairly fast before customers get impatient and click away from it while waiting.  The many slow wireless connections are a challenge.  When people use faster cable connections at home it is not as much of a problem.   
  24. Clean, uncluttered, minimalist sites are a trend since they load fast and are easier to read on the smaller screens of smartphones. 
  25. Using email marketing to send quality content to subscribers that also has sales pitches, service offers and billing continues to grow. 

WordPress Design Trends 2015

Mobile Device Use PhotoWordPress Design Trends for 2015  – Directions of Change in the Coming Year

Form Follows Function – Mobile First Is Becoming the Function That Design Is Following – Time Spent With Mobile Apps Has Overtaken Browser Use  

Changes and What They Mean For Your Website

Here is a quick rundown of some highlights we will go into with details in this article.  Scroll to your priority or enjoy reading the whole in-depth article.

  1. Mobile First as Design Priority and What This Means As Desktop Use Falls,
  2. Clean, Uncluttered, Minimalist Design for Easy Smartphone Viewing,
  3. Images of All Types Bigger and Better Quality,
  4. Quality Content More Necessary Than Ever for Search Engine Optimization As Google’s New Algorithms Weed Out Sites Without Original Content Offering User Something Useful,
  5. “Sticky Websites” More Important Than Ever to Keep Customers Busy on the Site and Returning for Info, Develop Relationship With Them For Eventual Business Interaction
  6. Storytelling to Differentiate Your Brand With a Multimedia Narrative,  
  7. Menus Get Creative,
  8. Relevance for User and Personalization of Sites as Competition Gets Tougher, 
  9. Adding  Mobile Apps for Your Website Since App Use Now More Popular Than Browsing Becomes Important
  10. Interactive Infographics With Clickable Images For Users To Do Something and Increase Site Engagement
  11. Flatter Graphics, Some Block or “Card Style” Like Windows 8 Look or Apps Look
  12. Scrolling Now More Popular Than Clicking and more. 
  13. Total Internet Presence Means a Multi-Faceted Approach to Your Online Presence Where the Website is Just One Facet of It. 

Examples of Website Design in 2015 at Popular Websites

Browse This List to See Examples and Get Ideas for Your Own Website or Blog

Take a look at some of these current designs styles of popular website and blogs on the web in 2015 to visualize how these trends are taking shape.  

You will notice the clean, uncluttered look.

The sites are easy to read and navigate on mobile devices.  

Remember though, specific needs of individual business brands mean you do not need to follow the trends.   Do what is appropriate for your company style and needs.  

Websites and Blogs

Google Now Ranks Sites According to Including Mobile Usability In Addition to the Other Qualities

After weeks of reading predictions, looking at graphs and seeing objective analytics there are certain directions for change that are taking place.  These trends are not opinions but based on concrete, objective stats over the years and today.  

Feel free to scroll through this article like a reference and focus on the aspects that are a priority for you.  Bold titles help the individual subtopics stand out for you. 

This article is focusing on user experience and visual impressions of the websites.  

Security and Privacy Issues Will Be Covered In a Different Specific Article 

Security and privacy are of course also at the forefront of website creation needs for obvious reasons. 

Trends to Make Sites Easy to Read and Use on Mobile Devices Are a Priority

These slides and graphs on Business Insider show mobile use and growth.   As you go through the slides you will see the graph labeled “Smart Phone Time-Spend Surpassed PC Time Last Year. 

In the same slide deck you will see a graph labeled Time-Spend on Mobile Overtook TV. 

Mobile Usability Is Now Part of Google’s Search Engine Ranking System

The saying “form follows function” is true when it comes to websites in general and wordpress website design trends 2015.  

Ten years ago we were all designing for desktops and trying to get the largest monitors we could afford.  Now the necessity is designing for viewing on the smaller screens of mobile devices.  

Google’s Mobile Usability Score for the Website Is Important for Search Engine Ranks

Google has added Mobile Usability as part of its site evaluation for search engine ranking results.  To get your site ranked high so searchers will see it in the results and click to visit your site you need to be sure the site is mobile user friendly.  

Types of Mobile Friendly Site Menus 

If you already up to date with a mobile responsive website and mobile menu then you can skip this part and scroll down to the Classic, Major and Additional Ongoing Trends.  This portion is specifically for those who may not understand the mobile website concept and why it is so important to have one as we move into 2015.

This is an important concept to understand.  Mobile friendly menus are different from the usual horizontal primary navigation menus we are accustomed to using.

Three Horizontal Lines Indicate a Menu That Expands on Mobile When Clicked 

This means the site has some form of mobile menu.  Frequent styles include the three horizontal lines in the upper right or left which expand when clicked into a drop down menu.   The menu has the same labels seen on a desktop version of the site that has the primary navigation as a horizontal list of labels across the top.  

Button Labeled MENU Expands With a Drop Down List of Labels From the Primary Navigation Menu

Another mobile style menu adds a button labeled MENU to the top of the website when seen on a smartphone or tablet.  Clicking the MENU label causes a drop down list of the primary navigation menu labels. 

It goes without saying that on a smartphone the website that expands across the screen when viewed on a desktop is reformatted into a long horizontal column to fit the smart screen shape and size.  

Definition of the Words Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Mobile Usable

The words Responsive or Mobile Friendly mean the site automatically detects the users type of device and screen size when someone lands on the site and it instantly rearranges itself for easy use according to the device and screen size. 

A.  First, A Few Words About Trends and Websites 

The Importance of Making the Design Appropriate for the Type of Business

Remember, while trends indicate a current popular design there is no rule that a website needs to follow the trends.  Individual needs of businesses and users vary so much.  The one rule is to make the design custom tailored to fit the type of business, the internet presence goals, and the users whom you wish to attract to the website and business. 

Trends Definition

The definition of Trends is the direction in which something is developing or changing.  

Custom Tailor Sites for Specific User Audience

Businesses have unique needs so the design of the site has to be custom tailored in a situation specific way to fit their needs as closely as possible.  

Know Your Audience and What They Need and Want

Knowing your audience, knowing the needs of your typical user, and designing to make a website that is a good fit for the users is the priority.

The design, ease of use, relevance of the content and unique characteristics that your audience will relate to are important.  A website for a senior citizen center would have different needs than a site for 20 year olds.  

Corporate Image Versus Homegrown – Suite the Site to the Goal 

If you want a corporate image or a homegrown, homestead type image the design concepts will need to fit that image goal.   A friendly, local Mom and Pop business with homemade items will need a different style design from a corporation that makes electronics.  Artists websites look different from news websites.  

So making the design appropriate for the type of business is a priority. 

Typical Internet Users  Are More Varied Now, Not as Many Sitting at a Desktop With a Large Monitor – Mobile Devices Predicted to Take Over Popularity From Desktops This Year

The typical internet users used to be all sitting at their desktops.  Now the market has divided into plentiful varieties of devices and screen sizes.   Design needs to meet the needs of the current users. 

WordPress Trends for 2015 Show Designers Meeting the Needs of the Users

A survey of WordPress Design Trends 2015 shows that mobile device use is influencing the overall designs.  Ease of use and fast loading are priorities.   Mobile payment systems and security issues are also at the top of the trends. 

Mobile Device Use is Influencing the Overall Design of the Websites 

This year is predicted to be the time when mobile device use overtakes desktop use on the internet.   Therefore the priorities for designers are to put equal emphasis on meeting the needs of mobile device users.  

Instead of Designing for Desktops First With Mobile Use Also Included Mobile First Is a Priority for 2015

In the past design often met the needs of desktop users first and then a secondary priority was to make the sites usable on mobile devices.  This year designing for mobile and desktop will be equal priorities.  Mobile may well take over as the top priority.   

 B.  WordPress Design Trends for 2015 – Classics, Major and Additional 

First, the classic design principles and ongoing trends. 

1.  Quality Content  That Is Relevant to the Users Needs – Original, non-duplicate articles and other media with useful information that makes a positive contribution for the website visitor.    

Re: Quality Content, Search Engines and Traffic 

As search engines become more sophisticated and read websites more like people they are weeding out the poor quality, duplicate material more than ever in the search engine result rankings.  

More than ever it is important to have some type of Content Management System (CMS) with articles, photos, videos, graphics, etc.  in order to get a high ranking with Google.

Search Engines Are More Particular About Seeking Quality Content Than Ever for Ranking

Quality content, meaning original content that cannot be found elsewhere on the web because it is not a duplicate, becomes more important each year. 

Quality Content and Blogs

To provide quality content having a blog on your website becomes a priority.  The blog is where you can keep adding fresh, up to date, original, unique content to impress the search engines with the quality of your site.  

Use Quality Content to Get Higher Search Engine Ranks and More Website Traffic

Getting traffic to your site through high search engine ranks is still one of the priorities.  As always, tricks are not the way to do it.  The best quality content you can create is the way to get high search engine results rankings.  

Sharing Quality Content on Social Media to Get Site Traffic 

Having quality content also gives you useful content you can share on social media to help bring visitors to your website that way as well.  Social media is becoming more important each year.   Building a fan base and a strategy are important for any business planning a strategy for the future. 

2.  Responsive Web Design – Websites that detect the device and screen size of the user and reformat automatically for easy use.  

3.  Easy Navigation – Menus or other links leading to the rest of the website or blog are easy for the user to find and use.  

4.  Clean, Uncluttered Design – The presentation of the website makes it easy for the eyes to use it without feeling it is a busy, crowded page. 

5.  Easy to Read – Make sure the text is easy to read.  The website needs to be easy to follow and not confusing to the user. 

C.  Major New WordPress Design Trends Taking Shape for 2015

Note:  This article is focusing more on the visual design of the website.  But it goes without saying that security and privacy issues are priorities in creating the sites.

1.  Responsive Design is a necessity.  Designing for “Responsive First” instead of desktop first will become even more of a priority. 

2.  Graphics are flat or have fairly simple amounts of shade and shadow.  This keeps the graphics easy to see on small screens and helps make the site load faster. 

3.  Scrolling Is More Popular Than Clicking.  Analytics show people are doing more scrolling than clicking.  Again this is related to mobile device use.  It is easier to keep scrolling down on a small screen than to keep clicking.  This way people don’t need to wait for another page to load.   Long pages for scrolling or the infinite scroll plugin are predicted to keep becoming more popular. 

4.  Typography with variety and flexibility with fonts.  Increased font sized are predicted also.  On mobile devices larger font sizes make reading easier. 

5.  Larger Images are another trend.  Full screen photos and graphics have already been a trend and this is predicted to continue.  Large images, similar to the larger fonts, are easier to see on small mobile device screens.

6.  “Card Design” or blocks of fairly flat graphics and images that are clickable are another trend.  This looks similar to the Windows 8 homescreen with the large squares that are clicked to get somewhere.  The Card Design provides ways to navigate the website or to do things such as give a rating.

7.  Minimalist Design Looks Less Cluttered on Small Screens.  The classic clean, uncluttered design look works well on smartphone and tablet screens.  Of course it also makes the user experience good for people using desktop also.

8.  Relevant content for the user will be even more personalized by the “cookies” used by sites to evaluate what the user has read recently or done on the internet.  Then the most relevant content will be served up or suggested. 

9.  Interactive Infographics are becoming more interactive so they are not just static.  With clickable elements in the infographic this can trigger changes so the user is more involved, more engaged.  

10.  Storytelling for brand recognition.  It is a top priority in order to tell users your brand’s story and background in an interesting manner that holds their attention is a trend in 2015.  Setting your brand apart from the others by having a background story that is memorable has always been important.   Like the entrepreneurs on the TV show “Shark Tank” it is a marketing and branding trend to tell your business story well and get people’s attention. 

D.  Additional Website Design Trends Taking Shape for 2015

1.  One or two colors dominating the site.  This is part of the trend toward cleaner, less cluttered sites emphasizing simplicity.  It is also part of a trend for branding and recognition.  Using customized, easily recognizable colors becomes part of a brand identity.

2.  Storytelling software and multimedia features to tell the brand’s background and “brand narrative.”  To make this storytelling more compelling brands are using more video, photos, graphics, font varieties and interactive elements.

3.  Creative Menus.  Pop-ups, slide-outs, clickable images and other creative ways to navigate the sites are changing the way menus look.

4.  Higher quality images. Beautiful, unique, original photos and graphics are more important than ever.  In addition to larger images the trend is shaping up with a focus on higher quality, more unique, more creative types of images.  Whether they are photos, graphics, or infographics with interactive elements the trend is to get more uniqueness and originality as well as higher quality.

5.  Video Backgrounds for text .  We are seeing more large or full screen videos playing while a bit of text sits on top of it which is often clickable.  Again, this is another way to navigate the site and to get the user engaged by using compelling images.  The goal is to make an impact with something different in order to get the user’s attention and get the user interacting.

6. SVG file format for vector graphics is becoming a trend.

7.  Security and privacy issues are at the forefront of the trends.  Using the https address format which indicates a higher level of security is one of the parts of this trend.

8.  “Material Design” is a trend where graphic images are kept fairly flat but do have some shadows and tones so they are not completely flat.  The term “material design” is used in Google’s guidelines now.  The goal is keeping graphics easy to read and fast loading.

9.  Fewer Drop Down Labels in Primary Navigation Menus.  With the trend toward simpler design there is a trend away from long lists in the drop down parts of the primary menus.

10. Fewer sliders and carousels is another trend that has been mentioned across the internet.  Again, this relates to users on mobile devices who need less complex, simpler, easy to read sites on their screens.

11.  Fixed Width Centered Sites are still popular and are making a comeback.  Whether you choose a full width format that stretches from one side of the screen to the other or a narrower, centered, fixed width you are still using a popular style.

12.  Adding Blogs (Content Management Systems) to traditional, static websites.   With Google’s increasing emphasis on quality content (information that is useful, informs, solves a problem, entertains or make a positive difference in some way for the user) when it ranks sites adding blogs is important.

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