Test Website for Viewing on Smartphones and Tablets Use Mobile Device Simulator

image smartphone view
Smartphone view of this website shows the mobile responsive view. Elements are reformatted into one column. There is a Menu button now and list of labels from the horizontal navigation menu.

Free Online Simulator for Mobile Devices Shows How Your Website Appears on a Variety of Devices and Screen Sizes

The mobile device simulator at Screenfly allows you to see what your website looks like on iphones, ipads, and other brands and sizes of mobile devices.

With sales of smartphones and tablets far outpacing sales of laptops and desktops in 2012 we know the future is in mobile.

Does your website automatically reformat the site elements for best viewing on a small screen such as a smartphone or tablet screen?

It is important to use a mobile responsive website theme, such as the free WordPress Theme Twenty Twelve.  This theme automatically detects the device used by the website visitor and reformats the elements of the site to fit the size of the screen.

Keep the site design easy to read and easy to navigate with mobile use in mind.

Use the steps below to test your website for mobile device use at Screenfly.


1.   Enter the website name in the box
2.   Put a checkmark in the box under the site name where it says “use proxy server to mimic devices”
3.   Click “Go”
4.   At the bottom of the screen you will see icons and labels for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, and Television. Click on Desktop and click on Tablet. If you choose ipad under Tablet the site will look about the same as it does on a laptop screen. But if you choose a mini-tablet size the changes will begin to show.
5.   Under Mobile click on iphone or any brand or screen size you wish to test.
6.   The horizontal menu bar across the top of the website disappears when it is viewed on a small screen. Instead there is a single button labeled “Menu”
7.   Click “Menu” and the labels from the horizontal menu bar will show in a list below it. This is how visitors will navigate your site on a smartphone.
8.   The Television tab of course shows the site on a wide screen again.
9.  If you do not have a mobile responsive theme yet you can find one for free. Go to your WordPress Dashboard to Appearance, Themes, and Install Themes. In the search box type in “mobile responsive” and click search. Over a hundred mobile responsive themes will appear, including themes for everything from photographer’s galleries to business.

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