WordPress Traffic – Website Visitors – Start a Website – Complete Plan and Steps – Chapter 8

Customize Tab opens to selections screencastWordPress Traffic – How to Use Basic Online and Offline Steps to Get Website Visitors

First Steps to Get Traffic to Your Business Website

Strategies to get website traffic can start with a few basic, easy steps that you can do online and offline. 

Free Google Places Local Search Listings Bring Your Site Up in the Local Results

WordPress traffic strategies can start with going to Google Places on the internet to list your site.  You have probably seen the local search results that show up with a map when you type in a business and the name of a town or city.  You can click to choose to be listed on the map or not.

You have probably seen how the local results have red balloons with alphabet letters next to them that correspond to the red balloons on the map where the business is located.

If you work from home and provide services in your local area you might want to be in the local search list of results but not on the map.  Google Places provides a choice so you can be listed without being on the map. 

Of course if you own a restaurant or a tourist destination then the map listing is very valuable. 

It is quick and easy to fill out your business name, phone number, email, website address and other information.

Click to see a more advanced, wide variety of traffic strategies. 

Offline Marketing to Get Visitors to Your Website

Now that you have a website you can add the website to:

Business Cards

Leaflets and Flyers

Professional Association listings

Newspaper Ads

Community Bulletin Board flyers

You will be able to think of many opportunities where you can add your website.  People will be able to get information about your business on the internet and this will make a professional impression.

There are many ways you can expand and customize the site.  As you go along you may think of additional photos to upload or other information to add. 


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