WordPress RSS Feed Created Using Google Feedburner and Social Media Plugins

WordPress RSS Feed imageWordPress RSS Feeds – Google Feedburner – How to set up a WordPress feed using feedburner and social media plugins.  


  1. WordPress RSS Feed – Go to Google Feedburner.  If you do not have a Google Reader account go and set one of these up first.  Both of these are free.
  2. Follow the directions to enter your basic information. You will be asked for your website url.  Basically the url for your feed will be like this:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/studiomediacamcom Note that the dot before com is not there.  There is no dot before the extension of the site name.
  3. Copy the RSS link that is supplied.
  4. Paste this into the box on the social media widget form for the RSS link
  5. Example: You can click the following link to see the RSS feed from Google feedburner for StudioMediaCam.  http://feeds.feedburner.com/studiomediacamcom

WordPress RSS Feed Plugin Provides Pop-Up for New Visitors 

Welcomes New Visitors – Asks If They Would Like to Sign Up for RSS Feed – Provides Link 

There is a useful plugin called the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin.  Seth Godin is one of the top authors and guides for marketers.  His books have been famous for decades.  The plugin pops up for several visits when it detects a new visitor.  You can set the plugin to pop up for the number of visits you wish.  To get the plugin follow these steps.

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Go to Install Plugins
  4. Type the name of the plugin What Would Seth Godin Do in the search box and click
  5. Select the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin from the list where it should be at the top by clicking Install
  6. Go to Installed Plugins on your dashboard and under WWSGD plugin click Activate.
  7. Put your mouse of the label Settings on the left side of your dashboard.
  8. In the menu that pops out there will be WWSGD
  9. Click on WWSGD and fill out the settings by choosing how many times you want the message to pop up.
  10. Paste or type in your feedburner address.
  11. You can also alter the message in the pop up.  For example, if you want to add to it so it also says “You can follow me on social media by clicking the Follow Us buttons too!” just type that in to the message.
  12. Save.

Visits to a Google Reader feed will not count as visits to your blog.  But research on this topic agrees that people who click to follow by using a feed reader are also more apt to come back to visit your site.  There can be other things on the site that they wish to experience or see.

The advantage for the reader of having a Google Reader account is that all of the feeds are in one place so    it it easy to browse them.  There is no need to jump all over the internet to different websites.  Your favorite feeds are all in one place.

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