Free “Mobile Friendly” WordPress Themes for Every Type of Site

image of smartphone viewOver 100 Free WordPress Themes That Are “Mobile Responsive” Are Available Under “Install Themes”

The smartphones and tablets are the top sellers now.  The pc’s and desktops are less popular in terms of sales.

It is a new era and website or blog themes have changed to adapt to the smartphone and tablet era.

Mobile Responsive Means the Theme Automatically Detects Smartphones and Tablets and Reformats for Best Viewing on the Screen Size

Themes for Smartphones, Tablets, and PC’s, including laptops and desktops, as well as smart TV screens are designed to adjust to the size of the visitor’s screen. We are all accustomed to seeing websites and blogs on the large screens of the laptops and even larger monitors used with desktops. But when site visitors are using a smartphone or tablet the same sites need to be rearranged.

A smartphone screen is so much smaller and narrower that the whole website is usually reformatted into a single column so it will fit on the smartphone screen.

Free mobile responsive themes for every need are available with your free wordpress software.


1. Go to the Dashboard
2. Go to Appearance and Themes
3. Under Themes go to “Install Themes” in the upper part of the page
4. Type “mobile responsive” in the search box
5. Over 100 free themes will appear that are designed to work on smartphones and tablets as well as on pc’s, desktops and smart tv’s
6. Themes for every use or need are available.
7. Plus you can customize any theme to make it fit your needs

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