WordPress Audio for Podcast, Music, Mp3 Upload, Using Audacity Software

Audacity Software for Recording AudioWordPress Podcasts or MP3 Files Can Be Added Using the WP Audio Player Plugin

Audacity Software Can Be Used for Recording Podcasts Which Can Be Uploaded To WordPress  After the WP Audio Plugin is Installed

Audacity Icon on Desktop screenshotAdd Media is the button you will use to upload the audio file from your computer after you install the WP Audio Player Plugin

WordPress Audio Upload steps including Installing WP Audio Player plugin and downloading free Audacity software to create recordings.

Click the link to listen to the podcast for adding WP Audio Player, and free Audacity recording software.  Listen to:     WordPress Audio Using WP Player Plugin and Audacity


1-14-13 Note; There is a limit to the length of podcast that can be uploaded through the Add Media.  To add a really long podcast of 60 minutes my research on the net indicates you need to do it by using ftp such as filezilla.  More about that after I finish my research.

Recording podcasts using free Audacity software means you will go to the Audacity.com site, download the free software, and basically use the Record and End buttons on it in addition to any customizing you would like to make.

After you record and click End then save the file to your computer desktop or where it is easy to find.  Browse for it and upload it using Add Media after you have installed the WP Audio Player Plugin.  A $20 microphone from Logitech can be plugged into your USB port on your computer to avoid using the speakers which have poor sound quality.

Steps for WP Plugin, Audacity Download, Recording and Uploading to WordPress

  1. First install the WP Plugin.
  2. Go to your Dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins, Add New
  4. WP Audio Player is the title to type here
  5. Click Install under it when it pops up in the list
  6. Go to Plugins, Installed
  7. Click under WP Audio Player to Acivate it.
  8. This will add the ability to upload audio files through your Add Media button in the upper left of the text box by browsing and clicking to upload.
  9. Audacity Download Steps
  10. Go to Audacity.com
  11. Click the Download label in the menu across the top
  12. Click the Audacity install link
  13. File box will appear near the bottom of your screen or a box will pop-up with the file waiting to be installed
  14. Click Run
  15. Click the Setup language you choose, English or another
  16. Click OK
  17. Audacity Setup Wizard pops up
  18. Click Next
  19. Info box pops up, click Next
  20. Select destination box pops up, leave it at the C:/programfiles and click Next
  21. Ready to Install box pops up, click Install
  22. Installing box shows, wait while it installs
  23. Information screen pops up, click Next
  24. Completing Audacity Setup box shows, leave checkmark in box for Launch Audacitiy
  25. Click Finish
  26. How to Get Help box pops up, click OK
  27. Now you have an icon your desktop with the label Audacity.
  28. When you click it a box opens with numerous customizations available. You can check those out later.
  29. Go ahead and just use the buttons for Record and End to try making an experimental recording.
  30. Use a microphone plugged into your USB port.  A $20 mic from Logitech will do.  The computer speakers quality is very poor so do not use them.
  31. When you are done with your experimental recording click to File and Export Do not click Save As because this format will not work for this purpose – Export it to your desktop or somewhere easy to find.
  32. To listen to it go to the file and click to open it and listen to it.
  33. Click Add Media to upload it to your WordPress Post.
  34. It will show as a link that uses the title of the file.
  35. Type in directions to your readers to click the link to listen to the podcast.
  36. You can add a title for the link in the info box that pops up when you use the Media Player to upload the file.  Title it according to the content.
  37. When readers click the link the audio player box will automatically open up and they can listen to the audio whether it is a podcast or an mp3.

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