Start a Website With Basics – Later Expand and Customize It – List of Tutorials

screenshot of header imageStart a Website – Tutorials Provide A Complete Plan – Go Step by Step to Create a Basic Business Website

Easy to Expand and Customize the Basic Website

This series provides a blueprint that goes step by step to create your basic site.

Start a Website. The directions are in a list form that tells you where to click, what to type, and how to do each step. It is designed to be especially easy for a beginner who has never created a site before to go through the steps.

Later you can expand this basic site by adding a blog and any other customizations that you wish. This is a basic static site with a static homepage that is set up without sidebars so it looks and feels like a traditional website. There is a page for products and services, a page for FAQ’s, About, and Contact.

The basic business website in the example used in this series is created using WordPress Theme Twenty Twelve.  The steps and concepts are the same or similar in many other themes too.  

You can use a different free WordPress theme or purchase a premium theme.  Once you have the basic 5 page website you can customize and expand it by adding a blog, custom menu, videos, ecommerce and so on. 

The basic site in this series is a five page website that includes a Static Homepage with a Featured Image and Two Homepage Widgets at the bottom.  Other pages include a Products or Services page, a FAQ’s page, an About page and a Contact Page. 

The series covers:

  • Choosing and registering a domain
  • Signing up and registering at a web host
  • installing WordPress,
  • Settings (title, tagline, static page, disable comments)
  • Custom Headers (tips, design steps, free softwares for design)
  • Themes (install, change)
  • CreatingCustom Pages (templates, images, formatting) 
  • First steps for Getting Traffic (Google Places Local Search, offline marketing).


Start With the first of the nine articles by clicking the first link below.

 The articles and steps are in a sequence.

 Follow the Step by Step Directions

Summary of 5 Step WordPress Site Set Up

Domains, Choosing, Registering

Web Hosts, Sign-Up, Services Offered

Install WordPress at Web Host

Settings, Title, Tagline, Static Page, Remove Comments

Themes, Install, Change

Custom WordPress Headers

Custom WordPress Pages

First Steps to Get Traffic

How to Add a Blog to the Static Business Website by Using a Custom Navigation Menu



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