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How to Add a Google Map Showing Your Business Location to WordPress

Help Customers Find Your Business Location With a Map

Steps to Add Google Map to Post or Page 

  1. First open a new post or page so it is ready for you to paste in the embed code for the map
  2. Minimize the post or page window
  3. Open another browser window
  4. Type the address into the google search box
  5. Click on Maps in the row of menu items that shows above the results list if the map doesn’t pop up
  6. To the upper left of the map you will see a link icon that looks like a link form a chain.
  7. Click the link icon
  8. Click the second link showing which has the embed code.
  9. Do not click the first link because while that is the address code for the map it will not embed it into your website.  
  10. The code you want starts with <iframe
  11. If you accidently click the top link with the address link then when you paste it into your site you will only  get a row of code. 
  12. Click to switch your text box to “text” instead of visual so it will process the code and paste the embed code into the page or post and click Publish. 
  13. Check the front of your website to see the map.
  14. Below is an example of a map of San Luis Obispo that was added to this post by using the above steps. 
  15. Add the Google Map to your Contact page and perhaps to your About Page.  
  16. Visitors to the site can print out the Google Map if they wish to take a copy with them.
  17. People who are using a mobile device can simply check the map with their device. 
  18. Adding a Google Map for a business that has a physical location (instead of a business that is online only) is an important part of marketing. 
  19. Real estate agents can add Google Maps to a housing listing
  20. Real estate rentals may also be listed with a Google Map

Map Example Below

View Larger Map

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