Install WordPress, Login to Dashboard – Start a Website – Complete Plan and Steps, Chapter 3

Customize Tab opens to selections screencastInstall WordPress With One Click at the Web Host

 Login to Admin at Your New WordPress Dashboard Is Easy –  Use the Website Name Followed by /wp-admin

Install WordPress – One Click Install. These days web hosts have a system to use one click method to select WordPress software at your web host.  No more complicated steps and FTP files.  No codes to write or to understand. 

Installation Confirmation Email. When you install WordPress at the web host you will be sent a confirmation email with the username you chose to user for your website dashboard login and with a password. 

CPanel at Webhost. Go to the cpanel at your webhost.  There will be a link to it in the confirmation email sent to you by the webhost.

Fantastico for Install. Most webhosts have an icon labeled “Fantastico.”  Click this and follow the steps.  You will be clicking on WordPress software to install from a list of softwares. 

Installation Telephone Tech Support. If you have questions Help is just a phone call away. Web host cpanels or install screens can vary.  Look for the icons to install WordPress.  You can also type WordPress in their search box to find it or use the free telephone tech support line so someone can walk you through the steps or show you where it is.

Username and Password. You will be asked to choose a username and a password. 

These will be emailed to you in the wordpress website installation confirmation email.

WordPress Login. Now just type the website address followed by /wp-admin. 

A box will appear asking you to login. 

Fill in the username and the password and click.  It will look like this: http://yourdomainenameand extension/wp-admin.

Dashboard. You will be looking at the dashboard of your new website. 

Down the left hand side will be a list of labels.  When you let your mouse pointer hover or when you click on one of these you will see additional menus appear.  Go ahead and browse around to become familiar with the labels and menus.  Do not be concerned with memorizing them or learning them now.

For your quick five basic basic website we will only be using a few of these items. Specifically we will be using Settings, Appearance, Themes, Headers and Pages.

Congratulations.  You have installed WordPress, logged in to the dashboard and taken a tour.

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