WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen

WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen – Colorful, Playful, Bold

WordPress Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen Focuses on:

Blogging, Post Formats, Artistic Possibilities, and Colors 

 Post Formats each have their own colors.  The colors extend the full width of the window.  The colors are distinct but compliment each other. 

WordPress Theme Twenty ThirteenHere is another screenshot showing the bold, gorgeous colors.  It is a departure from the more conservative themes.  

WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen

 WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen is described as preferring a single column layout with widgets in the footer.  A sidebar is supported for those who need one.  But a single column blog with fun and playfulness is probably what Twenty Thirteen likes best.

WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen

Twenty Thirteen header images have a fixed width and height.  Since they will be cropped at smaller resolutions it will be best to upload a creative, artistic header that does not show 100%.  The theme will arrive with three headers.  As you can see creativity, playfulness and fun are at the heart of Twenty Thirteen.

Strong Opinions Expected With Twenty Thirteen

Twenty Thirteen makes a bold, fun, playful statement and there will be lots of opinions.  But we will still have Twenty Twelve too if Twenty Thirteen does not fit your needs.

Twenty Twelve Still Here for a Long Time –  Versatile, Strong, Mobile, Fast 

With WordPress Theme Twenty Twelve we have a mobile responsive, extremely versatile theme that can do almost anything.  Static traditional website look for a home page is easy.  Blog style with sticky posts is also an option.  Combination sites with a static homepage without sidebars and a blog in the custom menu are also easy.

Twenty Thirteen says let’s have fun!  I can’t wait to use it.  Imagine making use of the colorful post formats by uploading photos and videos.  It will also look great on a smartphone screen with the colorful bands setting each post apart.

Visit the Demo Site and Read the Comments

You can see WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen by going to the demo site.

The many comments below the post about it showed people expressing a lot of “Wow,” “love the colors,” and “can’t wait to try it out!.”

A Great Theme for Blogging

It will be a great theme to get back to blogging, uploading pics on the go, adding asides and comments, and expressing our creative sides. When we feel the need for a lift or a change of pace Twenty Thirteen will be there.

Not a Blank Canvas

Twenty Thirteen is different from other default themes because it is less like a blank canvas waiting for our work.  It comes with a personality of its own that can inspire.

Mobile Use of Twenty Thirteen

Since the horizontal color bands will set each post apart on a smartphone screen there is potential for this theme to be a popular theme when mobile viewers are expected.  Instead of scrolling down through white backgrounds and grey or black text the color bands will stand out.  Posts will be separated this way.  Colorful fonts could be used that contrast with the color bands.

Twenty Thirteen Marks Another First in the History of WordPress Default Themes

Last year we had the first theme to put “mobile first.”  This year we have the first theme with bold, distinctive color bands for each post.  No more being careful here – it’s experimental and dares us to take some risks.

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